NAS Keeper Data Center advantages

Gigabit Connection

Your data is completely private

Physical security of your data

(theft, fire, flood, power cut)

Accessible data wherever you are

Expert Support 24/7

Hotline by email or visio

Support available and dedicated

We receive and plug your NAS into a secure data center

Specially designed to host your NAS

Your data storage on NAS server in one of our dedicated data centers specifically designed to host your NAS.

Giga Speed Connection

Store and access your data from anywhere at the maximum speed connection.


Your NAS server is hosted in an electrically secured data center and monitored 24/7. Your data remains completely private and is not in a public cloud (Google, Apple, DropBox ...)

Receiving and installing your NAS

As soon as we receive your NAS by mail or carrier, a technician connects it to your dedicated local private network (VPN).

Expert assistance 24/7

We always have an expert in servers and networks available to perform the monitoring and maintenance operations.

Hotline by email or visio

A technician is always available by email or video to meet your needs.

On demand Intervention

If necessary, you can ask one of our technicians to physically operate on your NAS.

Choose the accommodation that's right for you and start today

We offer accommodation based on the size and power consumption of your NAS
If you hesitate regarding the type of accommodation : contact us, we will tell you according to the technical characteristics of your NAS the most suitable package.

FAQs About hosting your NAS in a NAS Keeper Data Center

1But by the way, what's a NAS?
A NAS (Network Attached Storage), is a computer with one or more large hard drives. The NAS is connected with an Ethernet network cable and offers online services according to its type. The current generation of NAS allows you to store your files, videos, photos (it's a private and personal cloud), to host your website, your email server, to automatically download torrents, to stream your videos and full of other things. We host all types of NAS in our data center, most of the time our customers have Synology NAS or QNAP.
2What is NAS Keeper Hosting?  
You send your NAS by mail or by carrier. Upon receipt, AS Keeper plugs into one of its data centers your NAS in a local network accessible via secure VPN connection.
3Do I need to have a NAS already to enjoy hosting?
We are in contact with IT service providers and resellers throughout the territory. We can recommend one to help you set up your new NAS and transfer your data to it.
4What's the use of putting your NAS in a data center?
A data center provides a secure and monitored environment 24/7. It is connected in gigabits, which allows you to have the greatest connectivity with your NAS, wherever you are.
5How do I connect to my NAS?
NAS Keeper gives you access to a local area network where your NAS is located. You access this network over a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.
6Can I download my torrents in Gigabits?  
Your NAS is connected in Gigabits to the internet, you can as usual program your NAS to download torrents. One of the advantages is that if another NAS in our data center shares the desired torrent, your NAS downloads it extremely fast as if they were connected in the same wired network.
7Can you see what's inside my NAS?
Unlike hosting cloud services (Google, iCloud, DropBox ...), NAS Keeper can not see what your NAS contains: it is a closed box and therefore totally private. You are the exclusive owner of your data. We do not access your hard drives, unless special request from you, in case of need of repair for example.
8What happens if I have a problem with a hard drive?
In case you notice a problem on one of your hard disks you can request the physical intervention of a technician to add or change a hard disk of one of your bays of your NAS server. If you prefer to take care of it by yourself, we welcome you by appointment in the data center and share you one of our technical areas. Finally, if you wish, we will send you your NAS by post or by carrier and reconnect it when you wish.
9In which data center is my NAS?
When ordering, you can choose the data center that will host your SIN. We currently have two in France (in Rhône-Alpes): the first is operational and the second is under construction. If you prefer, we have another one in the Balkans (in Albania). Six other data centers are currently being implemented in Europe and on the African continent.
10I already have a NAS at home, what do I do?
For maximum security, you send it to NAS Keeper to put it in a secure, highly connected and accessible Data Center. If you want to keep a NAS at home, you can send a second to NAS Keeper, to double your backups increase your resilience and prevent any problem of theft, fire, flooding at home.

NAS Hosting Request Form

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